October 30, 2019

Supporting and Communicating with our Spouses with Vicky Landmark

There’s no denying that the mining and resources industry can involve a lot of travel and change. Fly-in-fly-out contracts are extremely common and long commutes can become a big part of your life, It’s important to recognise that change is inevitable, and in order to thrive in this industry, you need to embrace it.

Our guest today, John Landmark has done more than his fair share of travel throughout his 30-year career. In fact, along with his wife Vicky, they are just about to embark on their 10th international move. Through his experience in organisational change management, John understands the importance of flexibility in business and the opportunities that present themselves when you’re open to extensive travel.

John is a geologist by trade who’s held roles all around the world in exploration, mining operations, and safety risk management.  Although he started out in exploration, he’s now Vice President of Human Resources for Kirkland Lake Gold in Toronto, a field that seems far removed from where he started. John explains however that there are actually a lot of similarities between exploration, and the work that he now does in HR. 

If you’d like to speak to John about your own career journey, you’re more than welcome to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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