Strategy Papers

Succession Success

In this document we examine the financial planning, legal and tax actions necessary for business partners who successfully made an offer to purchase the major shareholding of the multi-million-dollar mining and resources consultancy that employed them.
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What You Need To Know About Living & Working Overseas

This strategy paper outlines key issues and strategic decisions you need to consider before relocating overseas to help achieve your short and long-term financial goals, including: investment; super/SMSF; asset protection; tax efficiency; retirement; estate planning; ESS, property management; and more.
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Business Sold. Value Extracted. Future Assured!

This strategy paper outlines the complex nature of a small business that grew significantly into a much larger concern. Here we describe how the collaboration between three key professionals enabled the business owner to set and surpass his business and personal wealth goals
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Five Key Financial Matters for Mining & Resources Professionals

In this strategy paper, James Marshall from Status Financial Group outlines five of the key matters that demand the close attention of professionals in the mining and resources sectors when it comes to sound financial planning.
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What You Need To Know About Executive Share Schemes

Prepared for mining and resources executives and employees who have an Executive Share Scheme (ESS) as part of their salary package, this document provides an insight into the nature of ESS.
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Learn More About Executive Disorder

By definition, Executive Disorder is a widespread condition that commonly affects time-poor executives. If left unaddressed, there can be serious consequences for personal financial and legal administrative matters. Download our brochure to learn more about Executive Disorder.
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