Resources Unearthed connects senior executives, established professionals and business owners in mining & resources with proven specialist advisers.

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Multi-disciplinary and holistic approach

Developed specifically for the mining and resources sector, our multi-disciplinary and holistic approach has FOUR key services.

We tackle financial, tax and legal complexity head on, advising and providing coordinated professional support that attends to important and often-conflicting matters while overcoming the time-consuming task that is managing your financial life.

Why? Because we know you deserve more reward for your success.

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Executive Share Schemes, Expatriates and Family Office

Resources Unearthed provides access to qualified information and experts with proven capability in our THREE specialisations.

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More reward for your success.



A decade of collaborated advice

Founded in 2013 by Brett Cribb, Financial Adviser and former Mining Engineer, Resources Unearthed began as an information hub for mining engineers.



Mining & Resources Community

Over the years our community of followers has expanded and grown to over 20,000 mining as well as resources executives, senior managers, established professionals and business owners.



Supporting Community

Reaching into our mining communities, via Zephyr Education gathering donations for school uniforms, stationery, and other necessities that are needed to assist children in returning to school as soon as possible

About us

Holistic purpose-driven advice and support services

Since 2013, we’ve built a community of over 20,000 mining and resources executives, senior managers, established professionals, business owners and expats. We’ve evolved and expanded to successfully fill the holistic advice gap affecting mining and resources leaders across diverse and often industry-specific issues.

Senior Executives

Access to specialised advice for executive share schemes (ESS); income management structures, personal risk; and guidance for negotiating renumeration packages.


Insight and understanding for the multi-layered financial matters affecting time poor professionals and integrated financial, tax, legal, lending for achieving personal wealth and lifestyle goals.

Business Owners

Comprehensive business advice that considers the intersection of business and the personal financial, tax, legal matters for business success and realising lifestyle aspirations.


Specialist advice with in-built flexibility as required by in-bound and out-bound expatriates managing personal and business circumstances before, during and after working overseas.

High Net Worth

A customised Family Office solution and intergenerational wealth transfer advice and services for high net wealth business owners, individuals and family groups.

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