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Resources Unearthed Family Office Services

Family Office services and intergenerational wealth management and transfer advice is customised to the needs of business owners, high net wealth individuals and family groups. 

Family Office services aim to be 360-degree, aligning specialised areas of expertise necessary for managing diverse requirements that often include managing financial and non-financial matters such as family relationships, heritage and reputation.

Our advice and support services are customised to suit each set of circumstances and commonly includes these key services:

  • Intergenerational wealth management 
  • Multi-generational succession planning
  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Family meetings and education
  • Multi-business management*
  • Financial stewardship
  • Investment advice
  • Complex tax management*
  • Family governance*
  • Philanthropy guidelines, implementation and management*
  • Family heritage and values mentoring and education for family members, employees and other stakeholders 

we provide

Family Office & Wealth Management Advice

Our advice and support is customised to suit each set of circumstances. 

Brett Cribb

With more than 20 years experience in mining and resources, and 11 in underground mining including four as underground mining manager, Brett is well qualified to coordinate integrated financial and business advice for executives, professionals and business owners in these sectors.

James Marshall

James is a highly qualified, award-winning Financial Planner and Executive Share Scheme (ESS) strategist advising executives, professionals, business owners and expatriates predominantly in mining and resources but also in health, biotech, pharmaceuticals, technology and construction, ASX listed companies.

Craig Barry

Craig has worked with mining and resources professionals and executives for his entire professional life. Dedicated, trustworthy and open to exploring new concepts and approaches, Craig communicates effortlessly with clients and peers who often call upon him to interpret complex tax laws and government mandates.

Robert Lamb

Robert is a civil litigator with over 20 years’ experience. A highly credentialed and practised legal adviser, Rob has worked with Mining and Resources business owners, professionals and executives for more than 15 years and is perhaps best known for his communication skills.

Recommended Reading

Family office advice services such those offered by Resources Unearthed advise and guide decision making. Implementing a clear framework for delivering services is necessary for achieving outcomes that meet the family’s immediate and medium term (five to 10 years) goals, as well as those beyond in perpetuity.

Family Office Services – Not just for the ultra wealthy

In this document, expert collaborators Financial Adviser and ESS Strategist James Marshall, Accountant, Craig Barry and Lawyer, Robert Lamb will explore the key issues family leaders need to consider when managing their financial, business and legal matters in context of inherent complexity that characterises their constantly evolving wealth and family circumstances.

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