January 24, 2023

End of Financial Year Tax Planning for Mining

Most successful businesses in mining and resources begin their tax planning in July at the very beginning of the financial year. But with a number of months left until the end of the financial year, you still have time to implement tax-effective actions that can significantly improve your tax outcomes.

In this episode, Craig Barry and Scott Lindeblad explain the different aspects involved in tax planning and why early identification of issues can help to avoid you paying unnecessary tax, ease cashflow and make the most of deductions and concessions available to you.

Scott outlines 10 areas your advisor should be discussing with you in order to take advantage of the tax-effective outcomes available. He discusses income and expenditure strategies, writing off bad debt, depreciation and temporary full expensing. He goes into detail about reviewing staff entitlements and superannuation, declaring dividends, trust resolutions, end of year tax administration and extracting wealth from your trading entities. 

Toward the end of the episode, Craig discusses tax distribution minutes and the ATO’s new approach to s100A and family trust distributions to children. He also discusses implications for Div 7A, distributing profits from a trust structure or money taken out during the year by shareholders and associates.

This episode is a recast from Queensland Business Hub:

Queensland Business Hub – Digging With Accountants Podcast 


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