June 30, 2020

Shifting The Focus To Your Health and Wellness with Joan McEwan

Health and self-care are paramount in any profession, not least of all the mining and resources sector due to the obligatory long hours and physicality of the work. For some time now, the nature of this sector has led to resistance to the investment of sufficient time and resources in occupational health and safety. Joan McEwan, our guest today, is one of the pioneers of change in this area advocating for health and wellness, particularly for female leaders in the mining and resources industry.

She has an unlikely origin as a Registered Nurse with a postgraduate qualification in mental health. Eventually, Joan shifted her focus to occupational health and landed a job as an occupational health nurse in the mining sector in Perth. This was an unexpected change of scenery for Joan, one that led to the rapid expansion of her career and along with it, the inevitable deterioration of her work-life balance. Joan identified this and took steps to address it and in doing so, identified an area-of-need within her industry and an opportunity to assist her peers.

As a health and wellbeing leader, speaker, author, and coach, Joan’s career spans over 30 years and we are excited to have her on the show today.

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