January 22, 2020

Establishing Trust Within Your Team with Paul Harvey

The tough decisions you have to make as a manager can be even tougher when you don’t feel you have the support of your team. Paul Harvey – Chief Operating Officer of South32 – has learned from experience in this area throughout his career. Here he reflects on how a manager can work towards the best outcome for the greatest number of people. 

Paul is a highly motivated and skilled leader who has worked in both small and large scale operations all over the world. For him, the most important element of successful leadership and management is concern for the impact of your decisions on your team. The benefits of putting the utmost care into supporting employees’ needs include understanding them better as well as building the trust that is the basis for any high performing operation.

If you’d like to speak to Paul about your own career journey, you’re more than welcome to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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