October 20, 2020

Supporting Successful Partnerships with Tim Brown & Ben Crosby

It’s common knowledge that owning and operating a business isn’t easy.  Each individual  carries with them their own unique background, experience in the field and desires for the future of their business.  Like every relationship, the relationship of co owners is one that requires mutual respect, communication and friendship to ensure that the business they are operating in partnership can thrive.

We are joined today by Tim Brown and Ben Crosby, co owners and operators of Bamser, an engineering consultancy business based in Brisbane focussed on underground engineering excellence.  Tim and Ben met at university while studying mining engineering and have 20 years of friendship under their belt.  We talk with them today about their unique backgrounds and how they eventually decided to join forces to establish Bamser in 2008 while the tunnelling industry was booming.

Bamser is an infrastructure advisory firm providing multi-disciplinary services to the transport, utilities, mining and energy sectors.  As leaders in the field, Bamser operates Australia wide to provide innovative, safe and cost-effective solutions to complex underground engineering challenges.  Tim and Ben share their key values within the business and how taking care of their team and clients is at the core of their operations.

We discuss how Bamser has managed during Covid-19 and how it has been a blessing in disguise, enabling them to harness existing technology, save time and money on travelling and come closer together as a team.  Tim and Ben share how fortunate they are to have a 20 year long friendship and reiterate the importance of communication, aligned values and a friendship outside of work.

Reflecting back on early days establishing Bamser, Tim and Ben share their advice to their former selves and how they might do things differently knowing what they know now.  They also share their tips for anyone looking to establish their own business and some memorable experiences on site.


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