September 1, 2020

Running a Business Within the Mining and Resources Industry with Tim Cartledge

There are no shortcuts or secrets to success in the mining sector.  Like most industries, it takes hard work, persistence and good interpersonal skills to move forward and make an impact. Our guest today is Tim Cartledge, Principal Consultant at Cartledge Mining and Geotechnics, and in this episode we explore the transition from his technical role to establishing a successful business.

With multi-disciplinary experience in civil and mining geotechnics in both industry and consulting roles, Tim’s breadth of knowledge placed him in a unique position to start his own business 5 years ago. Brisbane based Cartledge Mining and Geotechnics provides life-cycle geotechnical solutions for projects from advisory services through to construction support. They work with both large multi-disciplinary and small boutique consultancies, multinational mining houses and R&D roles across the globe. Tim shares more about his background in the industry and the experience and insights he has gained through establishing his business.

Tim reiterates the importance of hiring a good team and knowing how to relate to people with a range of cultural backgrounds and personalities. We also discuss how Tim has approached the difficulties faced while running a business during the global pandemic and the numerous technological advancements that have impacted the industry for the better.

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