February 26, 2020

Using The Hedgehog Theory To Find Your Career Path with Brett Cribb

We’ve got something a little different lined up for you as we’re putting our very own Brett Cribb in the hot seat. An ex-mining engineer, Brett is the founder of Resources Unearthed, a director of Stratus Financial Group and the host of this podcast. He started his career in Mt Isa and progressed quickly through the ranks to Underground Mine Manager.

After some time working in the field, Brett came to realise that his passion was in a different industry. With a keen interest in financial services, Brett took the leap and joined the financial planning community. In previous episodes, Brett has mentioned the ‘hedgehog theory’ and today he delves into greater detail as to what this means, and how this can be applied to find the career path that will work for you.

If you’d like to speak to Brett about your own career journey, you’re more than welcome to connect with him on LinkedIn.

For more useful tips and resources head to the Resources Unearthed website.


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