July 16, 2020

Leadership, Inclusivity and Championing For Diversity with Laura Tyler

As Chief Geoscientist at BHP and Asset President at Olympic Dam, our guest in this episode is certainly one with great insight and experience. Regarded as a champion of diversity and inclusion within the industry, Laura Tyler is passionate about her work which has been recognised through numerous awards including 2014 Queensland Woman in Resources and 2014 Exceptional Woman in Australian Resources.  She was also listed in the 2016, 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining list.

Originating from England, Laura began her career in civil engineering after graduating with degrees in Geology and Mining Engineering.  Married to a fellow scientist, she and her husband, Duncan, made the bold move to Mt Isa which was the first of many moves for their family.  From living in the extreme heat of the Australian Outback to the cold Canadian Arctic, Laura shares her experience travelling around the globe, the impact it has had on her children and the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities we are given.

Laura reflects on some of the challenges she has faced being a woman in the mining and resources industry and how she stepped into leadership roles.  Whilst the industry has made great progress in the area of diversity, Laura is now working to see more improvement as she develops fundamental policies in HR within BHP and works closely within BHP’s Jasper program.

With years of experience across numerous fields, the wisdom and understanding gained throughout Laura’s career are immeasurable.  You will hear about Laura’s personal reflections and the principals she has lived by to achieve the success she has obtained in her career and family life.


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