April 13, 2020

Keeping an Open Mind to Life’s Opportunities with Tricia Morland

In order to achieve your career goals in the mining and resources industry, it’s necessary to move to where the opportunities present themselves. This can cause quite a strain on your relationships, friendships and your health. Throughout the Resourceful podcast series thus far we’ve heard from the engineers whose careers have caused this shift and the ways they have been directly affected. Today we’re diving into another episode focused on families to gain insight into how the lives of our loved ones are affected.

We’re joined by Tricia Morland, partner to Richard who we’ve previously had the pleasure of interviewing on the podcast. In fact, Richard’s episode is our most downloaded episode so far and we’re sure Tricia would be up for a little bit of healthy competition to knock him off the top spot.

Tricia’s honesty and positive outlook when discussing Richard’s career trajectory filled us with a warm, cosy feeling. With a focus on teamwork, communication and open-mindedness, it’s clear that Tricia and Richard have made the most of every opportunity. With every move, Tricia has emphasised how important it was for her to feel as if she had her own identity, her own agenda and to fully immerse herself in the communities they moved to. This has seen Richard and Tricia make many valuable friendships throughout their lives and happily call Yellowknife home.

As we discuss in this episode, Tricia has her own capes and accessories business, Taiga Blossom. Head to her website to learn more. 

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