March 16, 2021

How AI Will Impact The Future of Mining and Resources with Brett Harries

Today we’re joined by Brett Harries, Engagement Lead Manager at Interlate, a business that operates in the data analytics and AI field, working with their customers to increase operational productivity and value. In addition to working with many clients in the mining and resources sector, Interlate also engages clients in a range of other non mining sectors such as water, rail, chemicals and agriculture.

Working with mining giants such as AngloAmerican, BHP, Glencore and Fortescue, an example of Interlate’s impact on the mining and resources industry is their recently completed work with a large multinational company, creating operational savings worth over $90 million per year. 

In this episode, Brett shares from his background working in the industry for over 25 years, how he transitioned from operations into the technology space and some of the valuable insights he has gained throughout his experience.

Brett discusses how AI works, how it can help mining and resources companies and how even with the most brilliant technological solution, the bottom line is establishing the right culture of people and engagement within an organisation. He talks about the rewards and value of working with a younger generation and how, combined with his years of experience, they can learn and grow together to provide real tangible outcomes.

We discuss how the use of AI technology will play a massive role in the mining and resources industry in the future, impacting waste reduction, efficiency and safety improvements and productivity increases. Brett also discusses Interlate’s latest AI technology and shares his advice to professionals aspiring to transition out of operations into the business world.


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