April 10, 2019

Finding your Unique Niche with Craig Stewart

It would be great to do what you love and get paid to do it. Sometimes however this feels impossible. There’s too many hurdles, not enough time and definitely not enough capital to get your ideas off the ground. Craig Stewart of Chasm Consulting has been there and has fantastic insights to share with you today. With the support of industry mentors, colleagues and his family, Craig was able to turn his vision into a reality.

Craig is a mining engineer turned software developer and is the creator of Ventism ventilation software and safety management software C-Safe. It may have taken him over a decade, but his perseverance and dedication to achieving his goals have lead him to where he is today. Throughout this episode Craig discusses the importance of maintaining good working relationships and the benefits this can have on the growth of your business. He also shares how you can combine your interests and skills to create a  niche in a field that you truly enjoy.

To find out more about Chasm Consulting head to their website, or connect with Craig on LinkedIn.


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