August 7, 2019

Creating a Work Culture that Fosters Business Growth with Gerard Wood

With a career spanning over 30 years in the maintenance sector of the mining and resources industry, our guest today Gerard Wood has seen his fair share of machinery failure and productivity loss. It was a common occurrence for machinery to fail unexpectedly, and require considerable downtime to fix. Through Gerard’s experience in a variety of roles within the maintenance sector and a stint in the Global Maintenance Network, he developed a unique set of skills enabling him the ability to asses these maintenance issues and work towards positive business outcomes.

In his experience, Gerard has found that the most important factor to increasing fleet availability is not the documentation or procedures, but the work culture. There are good people at every mine site that genuinely want to do a great job, but getting everyone on the same page is the most common challenge. If you can create and foster a cohesive team, your productivity and profits will increase.

After years working on mine sites, Gerard’s inner entrepreneur took hold and with his savvy business partner, Gerard started Bluefield Asset Management. They have grown to a substantial size with offices globally, all working towards the common goal of creating efficient, profitable and safe mining environments. He is also working on a new company, Relialytics which improves asset reliability through a different approach to analytics.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Gerard has also recently written a book, Simplifying Mining Maintenance to share his extensive knowledge, which can be purchased here.

For more information on Bluefield Asset Management, head to their website. You can also connect with Gerard on LinkedIn.


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